163 Years old is fake?, The Real Deal Or Just A Hoax??

The 163-year-old from Central Java, Indonesia, has been making headlines for some time. It’s hard not to when you’re (supposedly) reaching an age most people can’t even imagine.

Mbah Gotho, who actually lived to be 146 and died in 2017, said the key to longevity is patience. There have been too many rumors and conflicting information surrounding this story, so we’re going to clear some of it up for you now.

According to the records at that time, it is difficult to say in which year Mr. Gaotuo was born.

In 2014, local Indonesian authorities issued him an ID card. The card shows his supposed birthday as December 31, 1870. But neither Guinness World Records nor any other similar record organization will issue him the documents he and his family want.

Since the 163-year-old has no independent independent verification from international sources, he has not been officially recognized as the world’s oldest person. While it would be unfortunate if he was indeed born in 1870, it is common in such cases and understandable from an international public records perspective.

A man said to be older than Mbah Gotho recently went viral on Tik Tok thanks to his granddaughter, who made a video of him that went viral.

This guy in monk’s robe is said to be 40 years older than the oldest living human being in history.

The only problem with this story is that there’s a whole bunch of false claims surrounding the gentleman who looks like he’ll fall over if the wind blows in the wrong direction.

The man seen in the video hugging his granddaughter is not Mbah Gotho, an Indonesian, but an elderly monk-looking man in Thailand.

One such rumor was that he was performing a religious practice of self-mummification. Mummification while technically alive is a well-known Buddhist practice. And it sure looks like it!

It turns out not to be the case. The man in the videos is now 109 years old and is from Thailand. His name is Luang Pho Yai, and it turns out the mummification rumors were false.

Unfortunately, we’ll never really know how many of these people there were, let alone whether the 163-year-old was a hoax.

It is impossible to really determine the ages of these gentlemen, based on records from the time and various censuses in developing countries.

What we do know, however, is that they appear to have lived rich, fulfilling lives. Mr. Mbah Gotho delivered a message of patience and kindness, while Mr. Luang Pho Yai seemed surrounded by family and love.

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