Adalya Dorvil dead, Criminal activity not suspected in death of teen found

When the wind howls through the trees and the sun beats the waves, LaSalle’s lakefront is a scenic spot with bike paths, walking paths, loungers and birdhouses. Adalya Dorvil, 17, was reported missing on Monday night. The last time I saw her was at school at the end of the day.

A passerby saw the body in bushes east of the Mercier Bridge near Orchard Ave at 1 p.m. Tuesday. It took another two hours before workers could access the body. Deauville was pronounced dead at the scene at the foot of the ten-foot cliff.

“She seemed to have fallen the entire length of the cliff,” said Jean-Benoit Gince, Urgences-santé’s operations manager. “She fell on the shore and it was difficult to find her body because it was there. Her death was It was announced on the spot, but the cause of death will be determined by the coroner.”

Dorvil was found with a head injury and was notified by the Montreal police department, Gince said. Raphaël Bergeron said she appeared to have slipped into the water. Police do not believe criminal activity contributed to her death. On Wednesday, several people stopped near where Dorvil was found. Three bouquets of flowers and a white plastic unicorn figurine were placed in an opening in the bushes through which rescuers could reach the body further west.

“I think it’s sad,” said Marcel, who declined to give his last name. The senior, who was on his bicycle, said he had often cycled past the place and that it was strange that a tragedy should happen in such an idyllic part of the city. “I’m here to pray.”

The Missing Children’s Network posted a notice of Dorvil’s disappearance on social media. Director-general Pina Arcamone said the organization contacted the family on Tuesday morning to see if they could help.

“We have reached out to the mother to let the family know we are there to assist and support the search,” Arcamone said. “Then we got the tragic news a few hours later.

“Losing a child breaks the heart of a parent, and at 17 you’re leaving high school with a bright future ahead. “Now we have to offer our full support and compassion to this family,” she said. “They’ve been through the darkest of times. “

Everyday tasks like bathing or preparing meals can be very difficult for bereaved families, Arcamone said. Friends and family who want to reach out don’t need to do anything special, but just being there to support them makes a difference, she said.

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