Aielieen1 leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter, Twitch streamer aielieen1 banned

A Twitch channel called “aielieen1” was quickly banned from the platform permanently after its creator shared footage of a woman working on an adult storyline.

A common problem with Twitch is that any new channel can start streaming immediately, and the account was brand new on November 3rd and was apparently created to play explicit material before the ban was lifted.

Like most of these streams, the channel aielieen1 only managed to attract a few hundred viewers before being banned. However, the clip went viral after a viral Reddit post falsely claimed the stream had 5,000 viewers.

The Reddit post claims “this girl masturbates in front of over 5,000 viewers” – when in fact the stream has only 310 viewers. Various Twitter posts have also repeatedly claimed that the channel has reached 5,000 viewers.

The whole situation is likely to promote aielieen1’s other social media pages like Instagram and Twitter, as the Reddit posters also shared their usernames.

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This isn’t the first time an adult YouTuber has used the Twitch platform in this way. By setting up a new account before the ban, if the clip could go viral, it could push people to other accounts on other platforms.

The live-streaming incident also came a few weeks after a streamer aired himself having sex, and he was suspended for seven days, a punishment that many felt was too light.

Part of the appeal of Twitch is that anyone can set up an account and start streaming right away — but that freedom can also lead to that.

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