Aishwarya Thatikonda dead and obituary, Texas mall shooting death

On Sunday, Vice President Kamala Harris called a shooting at a Texas mall that killed eight people an act of senseless violence and urged Congress to tighten gun safety laws.

“While we still don’t know much about this attack, what we do know is that all Americans deserve protection from gun violence. And they aren’t. Not because we don’t know the solutions. Not because the American people are There are divisions on this issue — even a majority of gun owners support sensible reform,” Harris said in a statement.

President Joe Biden also previously offered his condolences to the victims and asked Congress to “send me legislation banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.” The president also called for universal background checks and safe hold.

Authorities are investigating the Allen Mall massacre as a case of racially or ethnically motivated violent extremism, two senior law enforcement officials said Sunday.

Officials believe the suspect, Mauricio Garcia, 33, acted alone, one of the officers said.

An initial review of the suspect’s social media accounts revealed hundreds of posts containing racially or ethnically motivated violence, including neo-Nazi material and advocacy of white supremacy, two law enforcement officials said.

Officials stressed that the investigation is still ongoing. An initial review showed that the shooter’s post was not liked or shared by other users.

Police have confirmed dash cam video is authentic and shows the moment a gunman got out of his car and opened fire on people standing outside the Allen Premium Outlets store. On a sunny May afternoon, the Outlet Mall is as bustling as thousands of other malls across the country, popular with residents and visitors of North Texas and neighboring states.

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