Alan Dawson grand designs dead and obituary, Alan and Judith Grand Designs

ALAN and Judith Dawson appear on Channel 4’s Grand Designs series and they plan to build an eco-home, but have they finished it in Cumbria’s Lake District?

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The Channel 4 Collection Grand Designs has showcased some incredible structures over the years. Among them, 2010 was Steel House in the Lake District, designed by husband and wife team Alan and Judith Dawson. However, some wondered if the couple managed to pull it off.

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Have Alan and Judith Dawson finished their Grand Designs home?
The pair first starred on the Channel 4 show in 2010 when blacksmith Allen planned to build his house in a “completely different way”.

At the time, Allen was told it was impossible, but he was determined to complete the house within 15 days.

The Adaptahaus was a prototype, and luckily both Alan and Judith managed to get the job done.

Kevin McLeod hailed Allen as an “Iron Man” as he tried to find a new way to build homes and save the jobs of colleagues at the company when the recession hit hard.

He was inspired by work at Canary Wharf in the 1990s and the speed with which steel buildings were being completed.

Allen, who had no training in architecture, managed to develop his own system for building steel structures.

He built the prototype house to see if it would work, explaining to the Kevin family at the time: “This is a modern house we designed and we are building here.

“It’s a steel frame with cladding panels attached to it, fully prefabricated and pre-maintained, and will be clamped into the steel frame, which will be a very quick build.”

BIG DESIGN: Alan and Judith’s Steel House (Pic: CHANNEL 4)
Work on the house started in December 2009 at a cost of £500,000.

The prefab construction means the structure can be built fairly quickly, he said, explaining: “It gives us the ability to build the building ourselves – the steel framing over the panels, the interior walls, the roof and other things.” Further in five days .

“And a week or two of fixtures – kitchen, bathroom, etc.”

Allen and Judith will continue to live in their existing house and build the building on their property, which Smith said was built because he wanted to give himself a “challenge”.

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