Alex Patafio dead and obituary, Georgia State law student – cause of death

Georgia State University Law School announced that one of its students died in a car accident last week. Third-year law student Alex Patafio was killed in a car crash on Thursday, the college said. “We extend our deepest condolences to Alex’s family, friends and colleagues as they grieve their loss,” Georgia officials said.

She is pursuing a Certificate in Public Interest Law and Policy and has worked as a legal intern at The Arora Law Firm. The school said she aspires to be a criminal defense attorney and is one of 34 students involved in local pro bono projects.

“You know, we’re happy to get justice today,” Patafio said of a case she told you about on Channel 2 last month as she worked to prove a man’s innocence.

Arthur Manning was jailed for six months for armed robbery. Manning was not present at the time of the incident, Patafio and another law student, Robert Wilson, recorded on cellphones.

After the evidence came to light, DeKalb prosecutors dropped the charges.

The Georgia State University Law School community will observe a minute’s silence at noon on Monday. Bereavement counselors are also available.

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