Alexandria Herring leaked video scandal on twitter and reddit cheating controversy

A Reddit user recently alleged that Ned Fulmer — one of the members of The Try Guys — had an affair. The internet suspects that he was involved with Food Babies’ Alex Herring. This accusation came after the YouTube star disappeared from several ongoing projects with the group. Consequently, Fulmer has received a lot of criticism on social media.

A Reddit user named hamilton390 posted a claim that Ned Fulmer was cheating on his wife in the New York club.

Shortly after Herring’s photos were removed from Will Thayer’s Instagram account, Twitter user @camitwomeyy indicated that YB — the senior editor of Food Babies — unfollowed Herring and Fulmer on Instagram. Additionally, fans of Food Babies believed that this was a sign of Thayer cutting ties with Herring.

Although No They Didn’t reported that Thayer posted the accusations of cheating on Reddit, this has not been confirmed.

Fans noticed that The Try Guys’ Ned Fulmer was absent from recent videos and podcasts. They also noticed that he was absent from the YouTube channel’s video intros, which encouraged fans to speculate about an affair. Fulmer is 35 years old.

Alexandria Herring works as a producer for The Try Guys as an associate.
Los Angeles native Alexandria Herring received a degree in communications and anthropology from the University of Hawaii. After college, she became an associate producer for The Try Guys’ YouTube channel. Additionally, she is one of the Food Babies— a food challenge duo — alongside The Try Guys.

When she worked with The Try Guys on a Buzzfeed solo channel, Herring met many other popular YouTubers. She worked with them on a series of videos promoting the movie The Shallows. She reminisced about this time in an interview, saying:

Browning says she was a big fan of The Try Guys, and she was thrilled when she started her new job. During her first week at the facility, she got a tour from someone. As she walked around the place, she said “Oh my God, it’s Keith…” When seeing the guys in their natural environment was cool and fun because everything they did wasn’t scripted. Alexandria Herring has 49,400 followers on Instagram. She often posts pictures of her travels and promotes videos made by The Try Guys. She also keeps pictures of her and Will Thayer on her social media profile.

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