Alexandria Mosher obituary, designs Bermuda-inspired jewelry dead

Step into the enchanting world of Alexandra’s whimsical Flagship Store & Studio, a haven of creativity and handcrafted jewelry that captures the essence of Bermuda’s beauty and memories.

Nestled in the chic west-end of Front Street in Hamilton, Alexandra’s Flagship Store is a visual feast, adorned with tiny, fascinating pieces of original jewelry that tell unique stories. From Sterling silver pendants and charms set with the famed pink sand to exquisite gold shell-textured diamond engagement rings, the shelves are a testament to Alexandra’s dedication to crafting pieces inspired by the island’s clear blue waters and lush tropical gardens.

Alexandra, renowned for her innovation, passion, and lighthearted design whimsy, leads a dynamic team of Bermudians, including her husband Darren, a spreadsheet and systems specialist. Their infectious love, both for each other and the craft, infuses the company culture with friendliness and industrious spirit. “We make beautiful things happen around here!” Alexandra proudly exclaims.

The sun-drenched Flagship showcases Alexandra’s award-winning collections, with recent accolades including the Bermudian Magazine’s “Best Local Jewelry Designer” and “Best Commercial Interior Design” for the stunning new store. Here, you’ll find not only beloved designs but also one-of-a-kind collector’s pieces available only until a lucky soul claims them.

Constantly pushing boundaries, Alexandra is perpetually working on something new, often incorporating unique stones and experimental design elements. Her childhood spent foraging for materials and a profound love for crafting with her hands have shaped her artistic journey. The influence of her mother, an art teacher, her father, a psychologist and entrepreneur, and her trailblazing grandmother, a single mother working as a buyer in the 50s and 60s, shines through in her commitment to design, originality, and tenacity.

In Alexandra’s Flagship Store & Studio, every piece tells a story, inviting you to take home a touch of Bermuda’s magic and create lasting memories.

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