Aline Tongkhuya leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter, who is?

A retired Australian jockey has praised her decision to become an OnlyF star by reflecting on “crazy months” as she wishes people a Merry Christmas.

Libby Hopwood, who has more than 300 winners to her name, joined the platform earlier this year, promising her followers “bets and bets.” Her venture didn’t disappoint, as the star admitted she’s made more money on the platform than she expected.

The 36-year-old is also active on Twitter, with 11,500 followers. On Christmas Eve, she wowed fans on Twitter in a green Christmas outfit, no doubt showing off her physical assets.

She blew a kiss on her short video, captioning it: “Merry Christmas everyone!! What a crazy few months. I can’t thank everyone who supported this crazy idea. She’s taller than I imagined it to be much bigger and very interesting.”

The video went viral and @mogultips responded, “Merry Christmas Libby Hopwood, well done to 22 years of great vibes and the best year ahead.” @Sandpip54119529 simply added, “Amazing.”

Hopwood, who has claimed she stuck to her curvy physique while jockeying, now joins a growing number of female sports stars joining the platform. Boxing beauty Ebanie Bridges is now also boosting her fans’ earnings with private content.

Can you blame sports stars for opening OnlyF accounts? Please leave your comments in the comments section.

Hopwood also treats horses with PEMF therapy, though she’s currently training someone to help so she has more time to focus on OnlyFans. In a speech in October, she explained how she balances priorities.

“Actually, I have another job,” she said. “While at Sky, I started another business treating horses with PEMF therapy. I’ve been doing it full time – and still am – but I’m currently training someone to come on board and look after my horses , and take a few extra days off so I can focus more on OnlyF.”

The Australian was forced to withdraw from racing after a fall in 2014 that resulted in brain and spinal injuries. Hopwood attempted to return to the sport in 2016 but was denied medical clearance.

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