Allen Singleton Ocala dead and obituary, Marion County Fire Rescue Firefighter – cause of death

Alan Singleton has passed away. Allen has worked as a paramedic and firefighter at MCFR. His wife and their two children will be left behind, and he will also leave his family. On September 12, 2016, Allen joined the Marion County Fire Rescue, becoming a full member of the department after serving as a firefighter for the past six years.

Allen attended the Non-Certified Recruitment Academy in 2016 before being selected for a position at MCFR. In his final assignment as part of the MCFR/MCSO SWAT Medic team, he performed well when assigned to Rolling Greens Station #28. Alan is a natural competitor, as evidenced by his first-place finishes in both MCFR Golden Ax Championships. This shows that Allen is a very competitive guy.

Our whole department is in shambles right now and I don’t know what to say. Your company’s management has reached out to Allen’s family to offer sympathetic support for any resulting needs. Over the next few days, we ask you all to make an effort to see each other and your friends and colleagues.

We ask each of you to do the same. More information will be provided shortly. We reached out to the Florida Association of Fire Chiefs to deploy their Mental Health Raiders. The badge case can be worn for the remainder of the next thirty days. All sworn officers must attend all relevant services at all times and must wear Class “A” uniform. (Black tie is encouraged but not required.) The department’s funeral contingency plan is in place, and all preparations must adhere to it.

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