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The track written by Ame Bibabi (real name Hedy de Graas) has been a hit. It has even been dismissed by many as one of the worst rap songs of all time. Still, the Chin Up High video clip has more than 1.7 million views on YouTube and millions more listens on Spofity.

Paul Elstak decided to give the song another chance and teamed up with Restrained, a fast-growing hardcore DJ. Paul Elstak has performed an edited version during Brabant’s pornographic Pussyland Lounge Festival. The song was given a new title: ‘Party Till I Die’. The audience went completely nuts and then used the footage for a music video.

Maurice ten Brink, who worked as a sound engineer on the show, thought it was a good story: His work was initially maligned, but now the song has become a hit with millions of viewers. Yes, he’s benefited from it, if only a little bit: “The vibe around the song is more positive now.”

“‘Chin Up High’ was on a USB drive with some songs from the music project Conjunction,” says Ten Brink. “Conjunction is a band that changes a lot. I recorded three songs in Holten’s rooftop studio. Coen van de Hoevenlaak called me and said: What are we doing with that hip-hop track? He wants to release that song …then the ball started rolling. Millions of people also listened to the song through American Madman Lucas’ YouTube comments.

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