Andre Sales dead, family shot dead by daughter’s ex-boyfriend

Andre Sales, 28, is suspected of entering the home and shooting his ex-girlfriend, Sara Mann, 21; her brother, Kai Mann, 18; their mother, Sommaly Mann, 48; and a fourth man, Javon Watson, 23, of White Plains

Darin Mann returned home from work Friday afternoon and discovered his family dead from gunshot wounds, including his ex-wife and adult son and daughter. This was a horrible discovery made by Darin in Charles County, his brother Robin Mann said.

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office said Saturday that a quadruple homicide-suicide occurred at the scene. Andre Sales, 28, is suspected of entering the home and shooting his ex-girlfriend, Sara Mann, 21; her brother Kai Mann, 18; their mother Sommaly Mann, 48; and a fourth man named Javon Watson, 23, of White Plains. According to the sheriff’s office, Watson was inside the home when Sales allegedly shot him.

Authorities stated that a recovered handgun was used to take one’s life after sales sold the item.

Police are investigating whether the shootings were related to an ongoing domestic dispute.

Rob Mann found no words to describe the tragedy as he groped for understanding. His thoughts centered on the children who had died.

Paraphrase Two young children originally went missing but were found safe at another location by law enforcers.

Investigators and forensics teams are still processing the scene and interviewing family members and friends to determine a motive. The sheriff’s office stated that a medical examiner will perform autopsies to determine the specific cause of death for each victim.

Shortly before 4 p.m. on Friday, police received a report of a shooting from the home in the 3000 block of Wildflower Drive in La Plata, Maryland. When they arrived at the scene, the homeowner met them at the front door and claimed to have discovered five dead people inside his home.

Detectives aren’t sure when they were wounded.

Diane Richardson, a spokesperson for the Charles County Sheriff’s Office, stated that investigators worked through the evening on Friday at the large single-family house in the Agricopia neighborhood. Richardson said investigators pieced together what happened in the house as they worked through the night. The house is approximately 30 miles south of Washington DC and situated on a residential street.

A former doctor, Robin Mann’s brother Kai, worked in cosmetic surgery alongside his father. And Sara Mann helped run their art business.

The authorities stated that the incident was “isolated” to the home, with no public safety concerns.

On Saturday morning, many people gathered outside the home where emergency vehicles once stood. However, it’s unclear whether any law enforcement officials remained nearby by that time. Some individuals embraced each other while others silently watched the scene unfold.

Darin Mann and others listed as living at the address couldn’t be reached by phone on Saturday morning.

A Friday morning interview with a townsperson revealed that the shooting location had a low crime rate. One interviewee stated that she knew of no one living at the location likely to engage in criminal activity.

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