Andressa Urach leaked onlyfans on reddit, modelo brasileira e reality show

As announced this Tuesday (14) on her Instagram, Andressa Urach is the youngest celebrity to have an account on the adult content platform. “Brazil, I came to OnlyFans. I wish you were there,” the 35-year-old model wrote.

Urach is going through a tumultuous time in his personal life. She announced her split from businessman Thiago Lopez and claimed the end was final. They are fighting a legal battle over the custody of Leon, who turns 1 this month. After it was over, the businessman said she had communicated with him that she was going back into prostitution, something Miss Bumbum’s host denied in an interview with Quem.

“He doesn’t accept that I’m beautiful, take care of myself, I’m a business woman, I’m good with myself. You want to belittle me! … I don’t need that today, but it’s part of my past. People always want to use My past has come against me, but I don’t care. If I need it, I will. But today I don’t need it,” said she, who is recovering from financial troubles — she said, after she attended the Universal Church. During those years, she donated more than 2 million reais and is fighting the institution legally to try to recover the money’s value.

After separating and fighting for custody of her son, Andressa Urach reveals she was unable to attend little Leon’s first birthday due to relationship with Thiago Lopes , she began to cry.

In a video posted on YouTube last Monday (13th), the former Panicat said she met the heir soon. “I met Leon very quickly and I went through some humiliation for security reasons,” she began.

She went on crying that she bought him something for his birthday. “It’s Leon’s birthday today and I’ve ordered a cupcake for him but unfortunately I won’t be able to be with my little one on his birthday,” she said.

“Now is the time to move on and wait for justice to be served. I will wait for the judge’s sentence on Leon and I will no longer be intimate with my ex-husband for safety reasons. It is very difficult for me A very difficult day, but everything passes, in life everything passes,” he concluded.

Last Wednesday (8th), Thiago Lopes refuted the remarks of his ex-wife Andressa Urach on social networks. On Instagram, he claimed he kicked the model out of the house and revealed she was going back into prostitution. Displaying Andreza’s personal belongings in a trash bag, Thiago wrote: “This dirty woman thought she was coming home”.

He then posted pictures of his conversation with the former Miss Bumbum, claiming Andressa would make up things about him. “It seems the story continues. I told the good-natured woman to stop talking about me, but she wouldn’t stop and made up lies about me on her blog,” she said.

Afterwards, she showed more photos of her talking to her mother, Marisette, saying she would be deeply in debt and about to go back to work. “She is managed by a lady from Porto Alegre named Chris, who is clearly a housewife, from the Porto Alegre society, a regular visitor to the Grêmio Náutico União, mother of several children” , she continued.

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