Who is Andy Cash and? The killer Tallaght brothers stabbed to death?

A horrified neighbour of three siblings who were stabbed at home has spoken of his shock when he saw a child dangling from a window. The triple murders of 18-year-old Lisa Cash and 8-year-old twins Christy and Chelsea Cowley have sent shockwaves across the country.

Who is Andrew Cash?

Residents of Rosefield Avenue, Tara, south Dublin, held back tears in frustration and said they were in complete disbelief after the twins and their sister were brutally murdered. A man who witnessed one of the children being thrown out the window said: “Everyone was shocked. I ran outside and saw the child dangling from the window and I joined the police and other neighbours shouting: ‘Please don’t do this’ Do”.

“Then he threw the kid… they lit the house with searchlights, they lit him with lasers, but they couldn’t shoot him because he was going to throw the kid anyway. When I first heard View image of I was actually in bed when I screamed. Gardai was on set (Credit: Credit: Gareth Chaney/Collins Photos)
“There were a lot of people walking around outside. The guards had to use the batter about eight times to get in.”

Neighbors also revealed in devastating fashion that they woke up on Sunday and had to explain to their young children that their friends who usually played on the street had “went to heaven”. Father Bill O’Shaughnessy, a local pastor, told the Irish Mirror: “It is incomprehensible when a congregation is confronted with such a brutal depiction of hateful evil.

“It’s very unnatural in this way. The community is in complete shock and silence for something like this to happen on such a horrific scale. “All our thoughts and prayers are with the family…this family is trying to do is not a trivial matter.

“More details will only come to light in the next few days. It’s just a horrible act. It doesn’t make any sense or significance. “Given the nature of the matter, the only reaction to this is shock. There are no winners, and it’s horrific for the entire community and the wider Talat area. “

The Irish Mirror understands that Christie and Chelsea Cowley have just started studying at St Aidan’s National School in Brookfield. Disaster-hit locals gathered at the Brookfield Youth and Community Center after it opened to mourners.

Attorney General Helen McEntee paid tribute to the young men, calling their killings an “unimaginable crime”.

“The murder of three young family members is such a horrific and heartbreaking tragedy beyond comprehension,” she said. “My thoughts are with the family and the local community in dealing with this unimaginable crime. Gardai and other services have supported her during this difficult time. A neighbour, who did not want to be named, said she heard the screams but thought it was a domestic dispute and never worried about being counted. The woman who was crying and shaking at her door added: “We all think It’s just a quarrel. Most people on the street thought it was a family dispute.

“None of us really expected something like this to happen.

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