Anees Fatema video twitter leaked, Sosok TikToker Asal Kota Makassar

Anees Fatema’s video went viral on TikTok and Twitter, a TikToker from the city of Makassar in South Sulawesi (Sulsel). In the latest 15 second viral video, Anees also responded to the viral video link by uploading account @aneesfatema22.

“Suddenly going viral on Twitter again,” reads a TikTok video uploaded by Anees Fatema on Tuesday (17/01/2023).

“Shut up whoever saw it,” he continued in the video, which had been viewed 723,900 times and liked 75,000 times as of Thursday (January 19, 2023). Viral video shows Anees Fatema going viral in a moving car.

The TikTok celebrity from Makassar, South Sulawesi, can be seen sitting in the front seat of the vehicle.

In a viral video of the virus on Twitter, Anees can be seen closing his eyes for a moment, then slowly opening them. He was seen wearing a black hood and a gray sweater. He also seems to just bob and shake his head to the beat of the song.

Occasionally, the video camera would be pulled in close to his face, giving him time to purse his lips. The video has also sparked reactions from netizens, who have responded in the comment section uploaded by the Douyin account.

Some netizens also mentioned the greetings of the Boy Scouts to New York. I don’t know what this comment means, it was also flagged by the uploader via his TikTok account.

“Ugh yes this looks like a Boy Scouts greeting,” the account @alpukatmen **** wrote, accompanied by a smiley emoji.

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