Angel Miranda Pokemon dead and obituary, the greatest people – cause of death

Angel Miranda was one of the greatest people I’ve ever met in my life. He was one of the first friends I made in the NYC Pokemon community when I was young and he was so kind, selfless, and mature. I had so many good memories with him and I will miss him so much. Rest easy. Still in stock that it happened and the rest of us are as well. It’s definitely going to be strange not seeing you at events. The Pokemon Community lost a great player both TCG/VGC. Rest in Peace Angel Miranda.

Angel Miranda was kind, compassionate and helped me and many others grow not just as players but as people. Thank you Angel for your guidance and for the many great memories we shared. The VGC community lost one of its best and my heart is broken. Rest in peace Angel.

I spent the morning looking at pictures and crying. We made so many amazing memories together and should’ve made so many more. You touched the lives of so many people. I could not have asked for a more kindhearted and fun-loving friend. Angel Miranda, you were amazing. Both the Pokemon VGC and TCG communities lost someone very special today… Rest in peace Angel Miranda, an actual legend in both games, and an amazing person from the few times I’ve interacted with him. Prayers go out to his family as well as to those close to him.

Rarely in life do we get the privilege to meet a person of Angel Miranda’s caliber. Genuine. Kind. Caring. He put his entire heart into this community. He loved the NY/NJ scene so much. Clefairy is our mascot because of Angel. May his memory be a blessing to you all.

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