Angela Bledsoe dead and obituary,  killing by James Ray III in Montclair

In the days leading up to her tragic death at the hands of James Ray III in their Montclair residence, Angela Bledsoe’s sister and cousin expressed escalating concerns for her safety and urged her to leave, as testified in a Newark courtroom this week.

On October 12, 2018, a mere 10 days before the fatal shooting, Bledsoe’s sister, Lisa LaBoo, sent a text stating, “ANGIE, YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF THERE ASAP. I’m worried about you. You’re not safe there.”

While Ray has confessed to shooting Bledsoe on October 22, 2018, he claims self-defense, asserting that she picked up one of the handguns he had been cleaning and pointed it at him.

LaBoo and their cousin Brooke Dean were alarmed by Bledsoe’s accounts of Ray’s “strange behavior” and threats to “beat (her) up and the guy” she was involved with, according to texts presented in court.

“Now he’s threatening you,” Bledsoe’s sister messaged. “So how long will it take for your eyes to be opened. I pray you don’t wait for him to bring you harm.”

In her October 12 texts, Bledsoe recounted waking up to find Ray sitting on the edge of their bed, staring at her. Claiming he had been up all night, he accused her of “demonstrating signs of cheating.”

Although Bledsoe and Ray were not married, they shared a six-year-old daughter who resided with them in Ray’s North Mountain Avenue residence. Starting in October 2017, Bledsoe engaged in several long-distance romantic encounters with Bakari Burns, an alumnus of Florida A&M University and a healthcare executive, who currently holds a position in Orlando city government.

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