Angie Berbuer leaked video onlyfans, Amputee model, woman in a wheelchair.

At first glance, Angie Berbuer’s Instagram profile looks like that of any other young woman her age. But the 21-year-old’s story is something very special. She has lost both legs since a terrible accident.

A terrible car accident on the A61 near Koblenz changed her life forever. On this day the young woman will lose her legs. But it was also the day she realized how valuable her life was.

Angie and her friend were driving when they lost control of their car and collided with a truck that was driving in the side lane and turning into their lane. The airbag deployed and the two were shocked by the accident. But the real misfortune only happened afterwards.

Angie got out of the car to set up the warning triangle. She reached the trunk – and then everything went black. She couldn’t remember anything else. The police recorded the incident and appointed an expert. Angie later discovered that an ambulance, which had not seen the accident, had plowed into her car. Angie’s friend was able to jump out of the way, but was caught between two cars and her legs were severed in the accident.

First responders bound her legs and removed her from the scene, leaving her seriously injured but alive. A cameraman from Winkler TV was also on site after the incident. Based on his recordings, the course of the accident could be reconstructed.

Incredibly, the 21-year-old now inspires thousands of people on her Instagram account with her incomparable courage to live. Although she suffered such a harsh blow of fate, her fighting spirit was a role model for many.

The 21-year-old is now followed by more than 20,000 people on Instagram. There she wrote in her diary about her new life after the accident and answered many of her followers’ questions.

But where did Anji get the courage to live? She describes herself as: “The woman who never loses her smile.” She advises others to do the same. “Every face becomes more beautiful with a smile,” said the 21-year-old. She may have to stay in the hospital for another two weeks before returning to her new home. She was looking forward to it.

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