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Yesterday he met the author Annarita Briganti at the Municipal Library of Imperia to present her latest book dedicated to the architect Gae Aulenti.

A book entitled “Gae Aulenti: Reflections and Reflections on Exceptional Architects” is the result of research and research in the field, in the archives and in the media, with interviews with eyewitnesses and Aulenti, which carries on the legacy of Gae today.

Annarita Briganti is a journalist, author and columnist. You specifically address major issues in all their forms, women and culture.

“This is my first visit to Imperia, a wonderful and elegant place with a large library. Today I present to you the first biography of Gao Lenti, entitled” Geo Lenti, Thoughts and Reflections on Exceptional Architects “, just published in Cairo, given the tenth anniversary of the architect’s death, I would say, she wants to be called architect. Elena Ferrante is mentioned in the title “Brillante” because Aulenti was a genius who brought Italy to the world and made our creativity and talent known. Above all she was a woman who broke the glass ceiling, she was avant-garde, she is the woman who today allows us to be free, to speak, to live as we want.

The most important and popular piece is the magnificent Musée d’Orsay in Paris, which even some Parisians do not know was made by Italians.

This is my sixth book and the third in this series on great women, which will continue in a four-part series. They are all women who survived the so-called Second World War of the short century. They are strong avant-garde women who see the future. They are not women of the past, but women of the present and of the future “.

“We decided to do a holistic project on women, not just remind them of the statutory holidays of March 5 and November 25. We created a series of conferences about women, but not about everyday life, but making history. We cover a variety of topics, literature, film, theater and architecture today. We want to remember women who created the foundations of culture, just as their male counterparts did.

Today is an important date. The biography of Gae Aulenti, the architect who made the history of architecture, and Annarita Briganti, his biographer are presented. An important guest who took us on a journey through the history of architecture and the history of female characters who have paid so much. “

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