Antonio Brown snapchat post leaked on twitter and reddit video

Antonio brown snapchat

Antonio Brown made headlines for his Snapchat story, and as you can guess, it wasn’t a good thing. The former WR is once again out of touch with his social media.

Brown’s antics appear to have started when he left the Pittsburgh Steelers. Back then, Brown wasn’t viewed the way it is now. He had a falling out with Pittsburgh, but no one thought that was an inherently bad thing. Then he joined the Raiders, and that’s where things went bad. Brown and the Raiders staff and coaches were not a good pairing, and after incidents of frostbite, calls from management, and more, Brown left the team.

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He got a second chance when he joined the New England Patriots under the kind words of Tom Brady. However, he was removed from the team following an incident involving domestic violence and sexual assault. Brown was suspended the following year, but Brady recruited him again, this time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He convinced coach Bruce Arians to sign him, and Brown immediately impressed the team. He’s been a big part of the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl run, and it finally looks like Brown has regained his place in the league.

However, he was injured in a game against the New York Jets, so he got into an altercation with coach Bruce Arians and ran off the court midway through the game. That was Brown’s last NFL game. Now, his off-field antics are making waves for all the wrong reasons.

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Antonio Brown’s Snapchat Blows Up After Posting A Sexual Photo Of Him And Chelsie Kyriss
Brown’s social media posts have crossed the line several times recently. He once posted a nude Photoshop photo of Tom Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen.

He then posted a video of him having sex with ex-wife Chelsie Kyriss. Today he posted another photo of the two blowjobs.

Chelsie Kyriss is the ex-wife of Antonio Brown and the mother of his children. She hates it so much, and she knows the thread. The photo was deleted, but at the time she was angry about what happened.

Brown and Kyriss have a colorful past. The two went on and off from 2012 to 2020, and some even linked them in 2021. The pair have three children together, and Brown even proposed to her. However, after receiving multiple reports of cheating and domestic violence, Careys revealed that the two were not dating in 2020.

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