Apollonia llewellyn leaked onlyf hacked videos on reddit and twitter

LONDON — It was a hard blow for Apollonia Llewellyn (23) as the model has amassed a huge following on Facebook over the years. But then she gets hacked – and suddenly all her fans are watching porn! Now the British are even worried about their own careers.

Up to 5.3 million people follow the 23-year-old on Facebook! Even on Instagram, there are at least 513,000 people. But their larger platform has now been hacked. On Wednesday and Thursday she was no longer able to access her Facebook page.

“It was basically like losing my job and all my partners started there,” she told Dailystar. “I’ve owned this site for maybe ten years and am working hard to get these followers,” she added.

She’s traveled to 13 countries this year alone to bring the best content to her followers, and now it all feels like a complete waste. “I don’t have a page, they post like me, so I guess my followers think it’s me.”

But it’s serious enough: “They post porn on my stories so [my followers] might be like ‘what the hell is she doing’. It’s embarrassing. I won’t post anything they post,” she promises. “You share women who do really weird things.”

They’ve tried to get help from the group, but so far to no avail. “In an emergency, there should always be a contact person because you’re going in circles,” said the Brit.

As an influencer and model, she needs a side of herself. Losing more than 5 million followers can be very detrimental to your career. “It’s going to take a toll on my mental health,” she said.

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