Astrid Wett leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter, photos and videos

OnlyF model Astrid Wett claimed in a heated pre-fight press conference that the father of her future boxing rival “wants me to be your stepmother”. The p0rn star will take on TikToker Keeley Colbran at Sheffield’s Utilita Arena on Saturday (15 October). The fight comes after Astrid dropped out of a fight with OnlyF rival Elle Brooke earlier this year.

Keeley is the daughter of Simple Simon, another TikToker who boxed earlier this year. Astrid, Keeley and Simon have all appeared together in TikTok videos in the past, but haven’t been seen in a while. OnlyF star Astrid Waite slams rival Allie Brook after comedy show Dailystar’s boxing bout In a press conference today (Thursday, October 13), Astrid appeared to suggest that Simple Simon has been looking for a relationship with her.

Asked if the fight was personal, Keeley said: “I guess it’s more personal, yeah…I think there’s some motivation to get back healthy and do something different like before.

“But after she talked about my dad, it was definitely personal.” The exchange after that is as follows.

Astrid: “Keeley asked for a fight for whatever reason, and I don’t care about Simple Simon at all.

Keeley: “Is that why you call him a bug in almost every interview? You obviously care about him.”

Astrid: “Because he’s a lunatic.”

Keeley: “You only talked about him, and now you say you don’t care about him – you obviously do.”

Astrid: “I don’t care about your father. You know, he wanted me to be your stepmother once, so I shut up with you.”

Keely smiled and murmured, “I can’t disagree.” This comes after Astrid and Keeley appeared on a live stream where they knew each other. Keeley was particularly surprised when Astrid suggested she and her father wouldn’t be famous without her.

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