Atrioc leaked on reddit, Twitch NSFW Deepfake Drama video

Popular Twitch streamer Atrioc has apologized shortly after accidentally revealing that he visited a website containing nude photos of female streamers. Atrioc claims he was lured to the site by an online advertisement and did not watch any streamers he knew personally.

A clip of Atrioc’s latest livestream that circulated on Reddit earlier today showed the Twitch streamer having a browser tab containing a deepfake website. Although Atrioc simply disclosed its hashtag, viewers quickly identified the site as the source for selling deepfake nude photos of many popular Twitch divas.

Although the clip has since been removed from Atrioc’s channel, Reddit user r/hotsauce652 posted more evidence. The user allegedly contacted the site’s creators, who claimed that Atrioc was using their site and that Atrioc’s page was a deepfake containing explicit content from popular female streamers.

Hours after Atrioc’s clip went viral, the anchor and his wife livestreamed the situation. During the 14-minute stream, the streamer tearfully apologized, calling his actions “disgusting” and “embarrassing,” while claiming he was pulled aside by the Pornhub ad.

“I do a lot of work on stream to create a pattern of behavior, and I specifically want women to feel safer on Twitch,” Atrioc said. “We don’t condone this behavior and we ban it immediately. We do it consistently.”

Atrioc went on to explain what led him to the site, claiming he saw an ad for the site in a few videos and that “morbid” curiosity prompted him to click on the link. The Twitch streamer said he regretted his actions and reiterated that this is not a streamer’s “behavior pattern.”

So far, no streamer or any other content creator close to Atrioc has commented on the matter.

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