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Controversial YouTuber SSSniperwolf is facing renewed criticism, this time from fellow YouTuber AzzyLand and Nerd City, who allege that SSSniperwolf not only stole content but also engaged in harassment, intimidation, and imitation.

Over the years, SSSniperwolf has faced various controversies, including accusations of faking gameplay on Twitch and borrowing content ideas on YouTube. The recent feud with JacksFilms escalated when SSSniperwolf Doxxed her fellow YouTuber via Instagram Live, leading to an apology but continued backlash.

AzzyLand, a fellow content creator, joined forces with Nerd City to shed light on her issues with SSSniperwolf in a collaborative video titled ‘SSSniperwolf stole her life.’ The allegations include harassment, intimidation, and imitation. The video presents confirmed instances of SSSniperwolf uploading videos with strikingly similar thumbnails and titles to AzzyLand’s, often months or even years after the originals.

Beyond content, accusations include SSSniperwolf imitating AzzyLand’s accent, mannerisms, and cosplays. AzzyLand asserts that SSSniperwolf falsely accused her of being a copycat and encouraged fans to harass her. The ongoing vitriol from SSSniperwolf’s fans, as evidenced in clips, has driven AzzyLand away from engaging with social media due to the relentless harassment.

In response to concerns about her own fans’ zealous defense, AzzyLand acknowledges the issue and discourages instigation. She believes in the power of truth and karma and decided to speak out against the alleged misconduct, stating that sometimes one has to stand up for oneself when the truth does not naturally emerge.

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