Whats happened to Baba Gloria, Naughty sticker sent itself

Leonard Githinji, aka Baba Gloria, went viral after sending a salacious WhatsApp sticker to a funeral fundraiser.

In an interview with Word Is, Githinji explained how the stickers are appearing in public places. “This is the funeral fund for the brother of the governor of Huambora,” he said.

“I couldn’t leave the group before I put my phone back in my pocket. My date was still there, so the stickers went to the funeral home themselves.

“I got a call from an administrator asking me to remove the sticker, but someone had already taken a screenshot.” After his number became public, he received more than 2,000 messages, including nude photos from women. “I don’t trust people anymore, which is challenging,” he said, adding that his wife has supported him for 11 years.

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