Baby alien loses v card leaked video on reddit, TikTok star Baby Alien

Social media star Baby Alien went viral when a racy fan van video of him and Ari Alectra went viral.

The alien baby’s personal life took a toll on social media after the internet star admitted he was waiting to lose his virginity. Well, Alien can check it off his wish list thanks to The Fan Bus, a platform that connects OnlyFans models with their supporters so they can experience it for themselves in the car. The self-proclaimed musician and comedian couldn’t contain his excitement when he found out that model Ari Alectra was waiting to perform.

Baby Alien, who first appeared on Fanfan’s TikTok on Aug. 18, admitted that he has a body count of zero, so he’s still a virgin. In explaining why he hasn’t experienced physical intimacy, Allion said women underestimate him because of his size.

Fans immediately sent messages of support, praising him for his honesty, but soon begging Fan Fan to help him with his first alien baby encounter.

On August 26, the platform welcomed Ari Alectra in a van, and Alien was ecstatic to see an OnlyFans model surprise him in front of the camera.

According to The Fan Van, countless women have come forward after hearing Alien’s story, and Alectra clearly made a good impression and was chosen as one of them.

“I want to take your virginity away,” she says in the video. Seconds later, Alectra emerges from behind the car seat, making the little alien cry before running out of the car in disbelief.

The full video of their intimate meeting is available on The Fan Van OnlyFans account, but according to users, a single video costs $60. Subscription to this channel is free. With the internet fully immersed in the little alien’s personal life, fans will be delighted if he takes some action. Others admit that if they had been in his position, they would have reacted in the same way.

“He’s crying. I’m a crew member too,” joked one user. “We all suffer.”

A second supportive commenter wrote: “I literally screamed yes! I couldn’t be happier for this guy.”

“Humans go through seven emotional stages in 15 seconds,” adds one.