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Colombian OnlyF actress Katty Blake has made national news in the Latin American country after posting a video of herself performing oral sex on the Guatapé Rock, a 721-foot (220-meter) rock foundation thought to is a national landmark. Now she and her partner may face legal battles.

Blake, who is better known by his stage name, posted the video to P0rnhub a week ago and it has since been viewed more than 170,000 times. The video shows her and a man named Zac, Blake’s friend and manager, descending the rock’s seemingly endless steps (it has 702 steps), looking around to see if anyone is there, and then engaging in oral sex. The Guatapé rocks are approximately 65 million years old and are considered a natural wonder.


The video was posted to Blake and Zac’s shared PornHub account, where they have over 22,400 subscribers. Blake is also active on OnlyF, where she charges $15 a month to access her content. On Instagram, Blake brazenly admitted that it was her in the video, posting a picture of her in front of Guatapé Rock on her Instagram account with the caption “beautiful place”. She also posted a short statement in a meme reaction video.

“CC: You’re criticizing me for making pornographic videos in public places when I’m actually turning them into historical monuments,” Black said on April 4.

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