Bang pd dead, Bang si-hyuk apparently died, Whats happened

When Bang Si-hyuk considered buying SM Entertainment, one of his biggest rivals, in March, he decided he could take advantage of some privacy.

To gather his thoughts, HYBE’s 50-year-old founding chairman locked himself in his home in Seoul, refusing calls from friends outside his circle, and made a careful list: All the pros and cons of his possible actions. DREAM BTS, the world’s most popular boy group, will gather under one roof with dozens of Korea’s best-known artists, including NCT DREAM, SuperM, and aespa.

Bang pd dead, Bang si-hyuk apparently died, Whats happened

“After a few days of solitude and evaluation, I reached out to my mentors, who I usually turn to for advice — and honestly, they were against the idea,” recalls Bang in his office in Seoul on a recent Friday, a shabby space, equipped with a guitar, a whiteboard and a window hidden in the labyrinth of the recording studio. After hearing the concerns, he said he recalculated the list of pros and cons but continued to drive. “Personally, I’m less inclined to tie business issues to emotions,” he continued, “but we’ve had some backlash within the company, so that’s more of a challenge for me.”

The opportunity arose in February, when Bang struck a rather different blockbuster deal in Los Angeles — the $300 million acquisition of Quality Control, an Atlanta-based hip-hop label and management firm. Working in two time zones, barely sleeping, meeting his new US partner during the day and chatting with colleagues in South Korea at night, ousted SM founder and famed record producer Lee Soo-man huddles together Delighted, HYBE made an offer to sell the majority of its 15% stake in SM, resulting in Bang and his board accepting and committing to buy an additional 25% of SM, becoming its largest shareholder. But HYBE eventually dropped its takeover bid after South Korean internet giant Kakao made a bigger bid of its own. Now Kakao controls SM.

A few weeks later, Bang, dressed casually in a black T-shirt and signature glasses, sipping cold corn silk tea, exuded a remarkable calm — especially for someone who had just come from an event that made SM look like an even more ominous one. rival, with an equally ambitious plan to expand in the U.S. and beyond. “Right now I’m very happy with the result,” he said.

That’s partly because HYBE is now poised to make a profit of about $87 million on the sale of SM shares it bought in February. But Bang also pointed out that his mentor (who, in keeping with Asian tradition, has not been named) had warned him against making such expensive bets in times of economic turmoil — and the Silicon Valley bank SM collapsed a day after HYBE withdrew its bid Yes, he was convinced they were right.

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