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In another fiasco as an OnlyF teacher, BC teaching assistant Kristin MacDonald, better known as Ava James “The Dommy Mommy,” fears her tenure as a teacher is coming to an end.

James has fought the school district to keep her job and her OnlyF account, which she says helps support her daughter as a single mother.

After receiving a cease and desist letter from the Coquitlam School District asking her to delete her OnlyF and social media accounts, the model refused, leading to a disciplinary hearing and possible dismissal.

James claimed in an interview with The Daily Hive that during the hearing, the school district “acknowledged having an OnlyF subscriber account.”

This basically means that the school board pays OnlyF with tax dollars to see the type of content a teacher creates on her account.

“I feel like they’re going to nudge me and say, ‘Yeah, we saw what you did,’ or whatever,” she added. “I mean, they could cancel it, or tell me next week I’m going to be fired.”

James, who is currently on medical leave with a back injury, feels mistreated by the school district even though she remains an employee and even has support from her union.

“I hope the end result is that this situation sets a precedent for others in similar situations who may face discrimination for some kind of sex work,” she said.

James is not the first OnlyF model to speak out against discrimination. Infamously, a boy was suspended from school after his mother’s OnlyF account was discovered.

Of course, she is definitely not the only teacher who has faced backlash for joining OnlyF. Last year, a science teacher was sacked and banned after filming videos on students’ desks.

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