Betty Kyalo video trending leaked on twitter, whats happened

Media personality Betty Kyalo relives her failed marriage to Dennis Okari and reveals why she ended up falling in love with her ex-husband. Betty opened up about how she’d always wondered how to manage the news, but had no idea until kind Dennis decided to help her.

Betty kyallo video

“I just joined KTN and was trying to make a name for myself in the media industry. In many battles, I first interacted with Mr. Okari while learning how to anchor the message,” she said. One mother said the award-winning investigative reporter even showed her how to use automated prompts. Betty went on to say that she is really grateful to Dennis for coming through for her, and she is very grateful for what she has learned from him.

It’s one of the many times they’ve spent behind the scenes, where Denise has guided them with the message that their love has blossomed, which led to a lavish wedding in 2015.

The two were together for five years before they got married. But the marriage fell apart less than six months after the wedding. Betty recently stated that she has no grudges against Dennis, who has remarried.

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