Bhad Bhabie onlyf (Danielle Bregoli) video leaked on twitter and reddit

Florida music artist and OnlyF star Danielle Bregoli, better known as Bhad Bhabie, has separated from Dr. Phil “Cash Me Outside” and is now helping others get an education and start their own businesses.

The icon created the Bhad Scholarship, a program that provides financial relief to undergraduates, graduate school, and early-stage business students.

According to the website, $1,000 scholarships from the $1 million fund will be awarded to 1,000 trade school students.

$10,000 will be awarded to 50 recent graduates who need funding for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Graduates who wish to go to a local trade school or continue their education as advertised on the website will receive the full $10,000 fee. However, Bhad Bhabie has partnered with Educapital to help distribute the funds, and her website says she will select 10 graduates for about $20,000 in grants. The money came from a $200,000 fund.

However, there are some rules before you apply. You must be a new student not registered anywhere.

Graduates wishing to receive funding for a new business or further education must graduate cum laude, maintain a “B” or better average, be on campus at least 90% of their time, and meet all the requirements set by your professor Others require you.

If all goes well, you will receive an invitation code upon completion. There is a disclaimer on the website that you must pay any remaining tuition fees, but the scholarship is allowed for any state audited and accredited university.

OnlyF Moneymaker told Yahoo Life that her inspiration for the scholarship, not just the degree, stemmed from her own urge to get into business studies.

She said she aspires to open a nail salon and start a franchise that operates in different fields.

She currently lives in Boca Raton, Florida, and she just bought a $6.1 million home for cash, so she seems to be doing fine. For her fans, however, it’s inspiring that she continues to get better and pursue her dreams.

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