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Remembering the Bhopal tragedy: 37 years later

Today, we commemorate the anniversary of one of the most devastating industrial disasters in history: the Bhopal disaster. 37 years ago, on December 3, 1984, a massive toxic gas leak at the Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, forever changed the lives of thousands of people.

Methyl isocyanate gas was released into the atmosphere, affecting the local population while they slept. The consequences were catastrophic: thousands died instantly, and tens of thousands suffered chronic illnesses and deformities. The aftermath of the Bhopal disaster continues to affect entire generations to this day.

This tragic event highlighted the importance of industrial safety and corporate responsibility. Union Carbide faced heavy criticism for its negligent management and failure to provide adequate safety measures. Although the plant closed, the aftermath of the disaster continues, with local communities fighting for justice and adequate compensation.

Today, we remember the victims and their families, and renew our commitment to fight for industrial safety, corporate responsibility, and justice for those affected by similar tragedies. Bhopal remains a grim reminder of the consequences of putting profits before safety and human life. #Bhopal37 #JusticeForBhopal #IndustrialSafety

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