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It is with great sadness that the family of Bill Granger announce he has passed away on 25th December at the age of 54. A dedicated husband and father, Bill died peacefully in hospital with his wife Natalie Elliott and three daughters, Edie, Inès and Bunny, at his bedside in their adopted home of London.
Born in Melbourne, Australia, Bill was a self-taught cook who became a celebrated global restaurateur and food writer with a career spanning over 30 years. In 1999, he and his wife Natalie began a professional partnership that launched the business globally. Together they built a successful business that today has 19 restaurants across Sydney, London, Greater Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Seoul. Bill authored 14 cookbooks, made 5 TV series and most recently was honoured with the Medal of the Order of Australia in January 2023.
He will be remembered as the ‘King of Breakfast’, for making unpretentious food into something special filled with sunshine and for spurring the growth of Australian informal and communal eating around the world. He will be deeply missed by all, with his loss most profoundly felt by his adored family, who are grateful for all the love and support that has been given.

🌟 Exploring the World of Cooking with Bill Granger 🌟

Hello food lovers! 👨‍🍳 Today we want to immerse ourselves in the fascinating culinary world of one of the most beloved and talented chefs: Bill Granger! 🌍✨

Meeting Bill:
Bill Granger, originally from Australia, is known for his laid-back approach and his love of fresh, simple ingredients. His culinary philosophy is based on creating delicious, but uncomplicated, dishes. Simplicity has never tasted so delicious!

Inspiring Recipes:
Who can resist Bill’s famous ricotta pancakes? 🥞 his ability to transform everyday ingredients into extraordinary dishes is truly impressive. From comfort breakfasts to fine dining, Bill Granger shows us that good food can be accessible to everyone.

Gastronomic Adventures:
Bill doesn’t just conquer kitchens, he conquers the world too! His restaurants and cookbooks have inspired chefs and hobbyists alike across the globe. What is your favorite recipe from Bill? Tell us in the comments!

Australian Flavor:
Although his roots are in Australia, Bill’s influence has spread far beyond. His creativity in the kitchen and his casual approach have won hearts around the globe, bringing a little piece of Australian charm to us all.

Lasting Legacy:
The Bill Granger brand is more than just recipes; It is a culinary lifestyle. His ability to make cooking accessible and exciting has left a lasting mark on the global food scene.

What is your experience with Bill’s Recipes?
We’d love to hear your stories and cooking experiences with Bill Granger recipes. Have you tried any of his creations? Do you have a favorite dish? Share your thoughts with the foodie community!

Keep exploring, cooking, and enjoying Bill Granger’s incredible creativity in your own kitchen!

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