Dave Boyinaband the history on reddit drama, is sex offender? Whats happened controversy?

YouTuber Boyinaband is also a musician, rapper, and blogger. He is known for creating both musical and lifestyle content and has over 3 million subscribers. However, Boyinaband last posted a video more than two years ago.

In 2007, Boyinaband was the lead singer of the rock band You and What Army. When the band broke up in 2014, Boyinaband began focusing content for his Youtube channel. Initially, his channel only featured music content.

The video for Don’t Stay in School by Jerry Reed became famous in 2015. The song’s original view count was 46 million, and it commented on the subjects and topics taught in school. Instead, it advised students not to return to school.

After having difficult personal times in 2015, he posted less frequently than before until almost stopping altogether in late 2015. During this time, he created videos entitled “I Hate Myself” and “Reacting to ‘Don’t Stay in School’ Hate Comments”.

He claims that his song “I’m Not Dead” provides an accurate portrayal of his mental state in 2016. He wrote the track saying that he felt immobilized and unable to concentrate. Additionally, he claimed that his creativity had stalled and that he was still dead.

In 2018, he shared a video discussing his mental health called ‘Shaving off my stupid beard (and describing my crippling depression).’ This was the first time he shared an update about his health since the end of his college career. He announced plans to post more frequently and shared a link to his video in the comments section of another one.

Among Boyinaband’s most famous collaborations is the song “Congratulations” with Roomie and PewDiePie YouTubers. The song, which stands as a diss track, has over 220 million views and 10 million likes. Additionally, India banned the song due to its controversial content.

Since 2019, Boyinaband has last posted a video to Youtube. This video was a type of personal video that discussed millennials. As the title of the video suggests, the video asked the question “Why, millennials, why?!” Because people were interested in his disappearance, Google Feud involved my sad friend Roomie.

Boyinaband explained in a 2021 Youtube community post why his music career went on hiatus. He also detailed his mental health issues.

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