Brenna Percy leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter, Hairyboo MA preschool teacher Libs TikTok exposes

Brenna Percy, at Wolf Swamp Road School in Longmeadow

A Massachusetts preschool teacher was fired from her job this week after photos showed her creating new content for her OnlyF account in a school bathroom. A representative from the viral Twitter account Libs of TikTok contacted the Wolf Swamp Road School in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. They informed the school that a preschool teacher named Brenna Percy appeared to have filmed adult content for her OnlyF while on school grounds.

The goal of the Libs of TikTok social media app is to reveal far-left ideologies in schools by sharing reposted original content. One of their methods is obtaining photos from an supposedly owned OnlyF account linked to Percy, who received information about the teacher’s alleged side job.

Libs of TikTok contacted Wolf Swamp Road School in Longmeadow

As of late, OnlyF features adult content available via subscription. Gabby Jones, the site’s owner, stated that this was a recent occurrence. In a public photo, Percy can be seen posting a picture of herself in the school bathroom with her chest exposed. She included the caption, “busy naughty.” A staffer stationed at a desk reported telling the TikTok Libs he had his jaw on his desk, when contacted with new information.

After speaking with the school’s superintendent on the phone, Libs of TikTok learned Percy no longer works for Longmeadow Public Schools. Additionally, he was removed from the Wolf Swamp Road School’s staff member section on the website.

A tweet posted on the TikTok account late Wednesday mentioned the update.

After contacting the school earlier this week, LoTT reportedly informed Massachusetts preschool teacher Yvonne Madamba that she appeared to be creating OnlyF content on school grounds. As a result, Madamba no longer works for Longmeadow Public Schools.

A teacher in Lake Hovasu City, Arizona was forced to resign three months after students found inappropriate OnlyF videos from her account. The Lake Havasu City Police Department received an anonymous tip about the teacher and some of her videos showed her in a classroom-like environment.

Police stated that the images were likely taken on school property and prompted an investigation into whether any laws had been broken.

The teacher was prohibited from accessing the platform due to its public policy of no nudity, s3xual activities or video or audio recordings of these acts.

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