Brent Hatley dead and obituary, Co-Founder of The Brent Hatley Channel on Twitch

The Howard Stern Show’s Brent Hartley has revealed the real reason for his exit, claiming he is “ashamed” of host Howard Stern’s swinging lifestyle. In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Brent and his wife Caitlin, 36, revealed how they feel embarrassed and judged when sharing their lifestyle with listeners.

Brent and Caitlin have documented their sexual experiences from the start of the show, with couples swapping partners and making out as they start “soft rocking.” Brent told The Sun: “I was a little disappointed trying to explain this lifestyle on the radio. The Howard Stern Show has always been about curiosity and it wasn’t for me.

He continued, “Howard and everyone you hear on ‘The Stern Show’ are really good people, they really are. Howard is really a lovely person. “It’s just a matter of them not understanding. . They were very angry when they came out. I know I’m going to get some shit, but I’m just shocked that they’re so pissed about it.

“Men who don’t like this lifestyle are not very open. They are very uncomfortable and even angry when they talk about non-monogamy. What do you like, what are your preferences, and all that…it can cause them Very angry reaction.”

Caitlin added: “Howard is getting old. He doesn’t understand why anyone would do that because they wouldn’t. It’s not about understanding, it’s more about ‘what the hell is wrong with you? “But the harsh reaction to her lifestyle wasn’t the only reason he decided to leave the show.

He explained: “It’s something I have to do for my sanity. They also changed the format of the show. It’s my job to talk about what’s going on in real life. I’ve never liked doing these skits, parts and stuff like that. thing.

“I understand some people like it, but it’s not my thing. My thing is more of the human experience. They decided to stop doing it. So the main reason is the difference in creativity.” Brent added that he also thought Back in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he and Caitlin live today.

He continued: “I definitely wasn’t kicked out. They were shocked. Six and a half years later, with peace and love, I decided this was for me.” Brent said today that he, Howard, 68, and he “There is no bad blood” between his former colleagues as he “will definitely be back as a guest”.

In a November episode of The Howard Stern Show, Howard explained how Caitlin had sex with a man named “The Drill” and wanted to invite him to the show’s Hollyweird Squares. Brent said on the show that it “crossed the line” because she loved having sex and “moving on.”

Howard replied, “Don’t you think jackhammer fucking Caitlin is too much in your bed?” He then called Brent “jealous”, which he denied. The presenter later admitted that when discussing Brent’s lifestyle, the audience referred to him as “d**k”.

He said: “I don’t really think it’s me. I really don’t. I don’t want to force Brent to do anything. I really want to understand the boundaries of the swingers community.” Guest host Downey Limousine Driver said: “I think he opened a door that he can’t close now… Your whole life was exposed to the atmosphere of sex and what you did, and now it’s coming back to bite you. *a bit.”

Brent shot back, “Nothing bites my ass. How does it bite my ass? It’s emotional and exciting to be here, but I’m not beaten, it’s all good. Howard chimes in: “I The theory is that men, often called ‘jackhammers’, you don’t pester your wife, period, and I don’t care if you’re a swinger. No one called a drill ever fucked my wife. “

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