Bunnyayu leaked onlyfans, Twitch streamer Susu videos on telegram

Twitch streamer Susu has come forward to share her perspective on the recent allegations surrounding her former friend Bunny_IGF, a fellow VTuber on the platform. The allegations of emotional abuse and manipulation initially surfaced in a public statement made by LaynaLazar, another VTuber who had collaborated extensively with Bunny_GIF.

In Susu’s Twitter statement, she disclosed her own experiences, revealing that she had endured emotional abuse from Bunny for an extended period. Susu emphasized that her decision to speak out was motivated by a desire to encourage others to share their stories. She expressed regret for not heeding those who attempted to help her during those years and acknowledged that her choices at the time had unintentionally caused harm to others.

Susu concluded her statement by announcing her intention to take a break from the internet, clarifying that this would be her only public comment on the matter.

“I silently endured being emotionally abused by Bunny for years. This is why I have ceased speaking to her for over a year. A lot of what happened to me is similar to the public stories shared. I’m sorry I didn’t listen to those who tried to help me all those years and that my choices at the time hurt others. I’m saying something now because I hope my voice will help those who have spoken out or wish to. I’d like to keep the details of what happened to me and details about Bunny private. I believe there is a chance for her to become a better person and will respect her privacy. I won’t share any more than this. Taking time off.”

Crucially, Susu stressed that she doesn’t view this as the end of Bunny_IGF’s VTuber career but rather as an opportunity for personal growth and learning.

Following Susu’s statement, fans and friends rallied around her, expressing support for her courage in coming forward. Numerous friends of the streamer left encouraging comments, expressing pride in her decision to share her experiences.

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