Cadbury dairy milk worm video leaked, Man Finds Worm Milk Chocolate

“🚨🍫 Cadbury Dairy Milk Alert! A shocking discovery in Hyderabad as a consumer found a live worm crawling in a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate. 😱 Robin Zaccheus shared a video of the unsettling find, purchased from Ratnadeep Retail store at Ameerpet metro station. The post quickly went viral, raising concerns about product quality and public health hazards.

Mr. Zaccheus, who paid ₹45 for the chocolate, questioned the quality check of near-expiry products and sought accountability. 🤔🐛 Netizens urged him to take strict action, suggesting filing a complaint, claiming compensation, or consulting a lawyer for potential legal action.

In response, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation assured that the Food Safety team had been alerted and would address the issue promptly. 👩‍⚖️🔍 Cadbury Dairy Milk also responded, requesting more details to investigate the matter and uphold their commitment to quality standards.

Consumers, share your thoughts and experiences on this concerning incident. 🗣️🍫 Let’s ensure our voices are heard when it comes to product safety and quality. #CadburyWormGate #ConsumerRights #ProductSafety”

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