Camilla Araujo OF and mr beast leaked videos, the instagram and photos of Camilla

An OnlyF model who went viral after appearing as player #067 in MrBeast’s Squid Game video, is back on fire when she shoots a promo with her brother. Camilla Araujo made headlines again when she launched her influencer career with MrBeast’s “Squid Game” video and eventually joined OnlyF. On August 12, Camila went viral again after posting a TikTok post asking her brother’s opinion of her sister’s OF account, sparking a tsunami of backlash.

Many viewers felt it was a mistake to include her possibly underage brother in the OnlyF promo, and it turns out her brother wasn’t happy with the attention the video received. ‘Mr. Beast’s Squid Game’ OnlyFans Model Faces Backlash Over Bro Promotion. In a subsequent video, Araujo calls her brother to ask how he is doing, amid the backlash over the spread of the OnlyFans ad.

Her brother immediately flew into a rage, telling Araujo that he “didn’t want to hear from her anymore.” According to her brother, the incident resulted in him being verbally abused in a group chat on X, formerly known as Twitter, about the bombing.

“See you at Disneyland tonight, okay?” he prompts. “I fucking hate you.” It’s unclear if Araujo ended up taking her brother to Disneyland to make up for the embarrassment on OnlyFans, and the model has yet to post another update. Interestingly, the two aren’t the first siblings to get in trouble for producing content related to popular adult sites. Most notoriously, Island Boys sparked controversy after posting “incest” content on the site, with some sisters having their bank accounts confiscated for allegedly paying less tax than they owed.

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