Carmella Corey Graves is leaked on twitter and reddit? Whats happened Photoshop

Even if it was carmella in the leak ( it’s not) . The fact that some men are making fun of her for doing that are the same ones wishing their girl would give them head everyday. Straight men are so weird. Y’all shame women for what they do but also want the touch of a woman.

Are those wedding bells we hear? Have you seen Carmella walking down the aisle in a white wedding dress during WrestleMania 38 and WWE Raw?

While it’s very Madonna-like at the MTV VMAs, it’s more than a gimmick. Carmella and commentator Corey Graves got engaged last October, and they’re gearing up to walk down the aisle for their wedding a few days after the big WWE event. We caught up with the groom-to-be at WrestleMania weekend before they exchanged vows.

When you’re on Total Divas, you don’t look as comfortable on your YouTube series Corey & Carmella. What do you think has changed?

Corey Graves: I’m personally lucky. What you see at the end of Total Divas is real time. I went through the worst period of my life. I just got divorced and all kinds of negativity are swirling around me. I’ve been trying to keep my personal life organized. Fast forward a few years. Now that I have a great woman by my side, I put myself in a great place. Carmella has been instrumental in helping me achieve this. Sometimes you have to relax and get out of trouble. I am no longer afraid of waking up in the morning. life is not bad

If you try to be yourself and be realistic, you won’t fail. Granted, this is unscripted TV, but some aspects of it are made. Otherwise, no one wants to sit on the couch and watch Corey and Carmela hang out all day, which is what we usually do. They turn up the volume like everything else. You can’t screw it up when you are you. If people are unhappy, so be it.

From the moment we started our podcast, our goal has been to normalize the fact that there are ups and downs in any relationship, no matter who you’re with. Communication is the most important thing to us. Instead of making things worse and leaving things in. We have the same problem as everyone else. We just work in a really cool place. Through our podcast, we’ve had a lot of interaction with fans via email and they’ve told us, “Hey, my partner and I tried this. We’ve communicated about this. It solved it. I said , “Wow, maybe I should be a psychiatrist or a psychologist. “

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