Caroline Werner brazil leaked videos, swatting incident leaks on twitter

Brazilian model Caroline Werner – who walked her dog while TOPLESS – blasts ‘double standards’ that allow men to be shirtless in public as she faces jail for ‘performing an obscene act’

Introducing Caroline Werner, an artist currently residing and creating in Richmond, Virginia. Born in Marianna, Florida, and raised in Virginia, Caroline brings a rich tapestry of experiences to her artistic endeavors, with a decade-long stint in the vibrant creative hub of New York City.

Art has been a lifelong passion for Caroline, and her diverse body of work reflects her exploration of various mediums. From layered transparency photos and oil/acrylic paintings to handmade stamps, maps, silkscreens, ink drawings, photographs, and metal furniture, Caroline’s artistic repertoire is truly eclectic. Her primary focus lies in oil-based mixed media, where she skillfully integrates elements like shellac, newsprint, found objects, white-out, and stamps. These creations find expression on both canvas and within the pages of her visual journals.

Caroline Werner’s artistic journey has been showcased in notable venues such as Chinatown Soup, Greenpoint Gallery, Subject LES, the Muroff-Kotler Visual Arts Gallery, ConArtist, and Sunita Bar.

The pieces featured in this gallery represent a curated selection from the past fifteen years of Caroline’s prolific career. They draw inspiration from global news, textual elements, the dynamic energy of NYC, and the distinctive urban landscape of the American South. Caroline’s art captures a fusion of influences, inviting viewers into a visual narrative that is both captivating and thought-provoking.

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