Cat Keenan leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit, itscatkeenan videos

A man stunned his ex-partner by telling her on TikTok that he paid off her mortgage on her birthday, suggesting their family has reunited. After the couple with 5 million followers split in February, promoter Shaun Nyland made the huge gesture of putting a roof over Cat Keenan’s head as the 2021 national headline News.

But in a video posted to Cat’s YouTube channel this week, the Newport-based couple — who share two children — reunite in typically dramatic fashion that will change their lives.

Within four months, Shaun had 1 million followers, while Cat had more than 250,000—while earning her monthly dog ​​walker salary in a single day. The couple soon realized they were making enough money to quit their jobs. Sean told followers they found fame “overwhelming”.

“Of course, it all sounds great, but it’s been a huge lifestyle shift for both of us since becoming full-time content creators,” Sean explains. “We were away from home from 6am to 6pm and all of a sudden we were together all the time.”

Kate said the everyday intimacy made them “more like friends who work together”. “We kind of forgot we were together. I told him I had no feelings or love for him. It made our relationship so rocky and eventually we broke up.”

After the couple split last March, Kate said she was struggling financially when Sean moved out and had to pay off her mortgage and a new Range Rover.

“I was so stressed that I couldn’t eat,” Kate said. “Mortgage costs are high every month and the Range Rover is costing me £1,000 a month in fuel.

“I’ve lost interest in work and stopped posting on social media. My heart is broken.”

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