Chetan bhagat whatsapp chat leaked on reddit, Shares His Leaked WhatsApp Chats

Urfi Javed hit back at renowned writer Chetan Bhagat. Urfi recently shared a series of posts on her social media in which she wrote: “Guys, let’s not forget how many women accused him in the Me Too case.” Javed even shared a news article in which Said Bhagat apologized after a screenshot of his WhatsApp message went viral during the #MeToo movement.

Alongside the screenshot, the reality star wrote: “Guys like him will always blame women instead of accepting your own flaws. Just because you’re a pervert doesn’t mean it’s the girl’s fault or what she’s wearing Clothes. Dragging myself unnecessarily into conversations and commenting on how my clothes are distracting boys is a damn thing. Isn’t texting girls a distraction? @chetanbhagat.”

Urfi Javed’s latest explosion comes after renowned author Chetan Bhagat spoke about how phone addiction negatively impacts Indian youth, citing the example of Urfi Javed’s lurid photos and films that have garnered millions of likes on Instagram. Speaking at a media event, Chetan Bhagat said it meant “boys like women’s pictures and comment on them.”

The author added in the statement: “Urfi Javed’s photo got millions of likes. On the one hand, there is an Indian youth in Kargil protecting our country, on the other hand, we have another youth who saw Urfi Javed’s photo hidden In his blanket.” However, in response to his statement, Urfi went on to add: “Stop promoting rape culture, you idiots! Blaming men’s actions on women’s clothes is Mr. @chetanbhagat of the 80s.”

The star of reality show Splitsvilla 14 added: “Who distracts you when you text girls half your age? Always blame the opposite sex, never accept your own flaws or mistakes! People like you mislead young People, not me. Encourage men to blame women or their clothes when they are to blame (sic).” Colloquially, Urfi Javed is known for bold fashion statements.

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