Chloe Sasha leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit, Spanish lessons to promote her account

With Instagram and TikTok awash with swimsuit videos from destinations like San Juan, Puerto Rico, or poolside in her native Arizona, Chloe Sasha shows you how to make chicken with mole sauce. In another video, she makes salsa and doesn’t bother to cut up a tomato that’s fallen on the floor.

Her Cooking with Chloe series is one of the ways she attracts people to her OnlyFans account, where she directs her followers to more explicit content.

The mother of four, who began relying on OnlyF full-time for financial freedom following her divorce, has found success on the platform in less than a year, sharing aspects of her Mexican heritage in integrating their content, such as language and food.

Chloe, 29, said she felt “elated” when she came up with ideas, including her cooking series and her form of teaching a “spicy” Spanish word. But the content has helped her make her mark on a platform that is trying to expand geographically and beyond well-known adult content.

OnlyF recently said that Latin America is a “huge growth area” for the platform. Chloe is popular in Brazil and Mexico, her fourth and fifth subscriber countries after the US, Canada and the UK. Chloe’s bilingual content has helped her reach audiences there and elsewhere.

“I wanted to be different from other girls who were doing that,” Chloe told Insider.

Chloe joined OnlyF in 2021, initially focusing primarily on her free website, and starting actively posting on her paid account in June 2022. Since then, she has netted around $196,000. Her highest earning month is March 2023, when she earned more than $30,000. Insider confirmed the amount using Chloe’s pay stubs from June 2022 to April 2023.

Her income is divided almost evenly between subscription services (she charges $10 a month) and customized content (such as private messages), the latter price she would not disclose to insiders. It also streams twice a week on OnlyF and asks subscribers to tip $10 to watch it.

Chloe begins a typical workday by teaching her subscribers the swear words of the day in Spanish, before heading to the gym to film more. When she gets home, she’ll be filming more videos and possibly live streaming on OnlyF depending on the day.

Using the scheduling tools on Instagram and OnlyF, she spent about two hours scheduling direct messages for OnlyF — the only platform where she private messages directly with fans — and dynamic posts for both platforms. She also tries to post as much as possible on Instagram Stories, documenting her day or linking to new OnlyF content.

After school, Chloe also spends about three to four hours spending quality time with the kids. After bedtime, she was online for about three more hours.

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