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An OnlyF model who became famous for promoting her sexually explicit content on billboards near her primary school has revealed how she went from homeless cocaine addict and alcoholic to earning more than £1million a year.

Emma Burge appeared in her underwear on three major billboards across London urging locals to spray paint to “keep porn off our streets”. Emma (model Eliza Rose Watson), 24, now employs five staff and lives in a £580,000 country house, which she pays in cash.

She invited the Daily Mail to tour the sprawling West Country estate, which has its own gym and stunning views of rolling farmland. Emma shares how her grieving family helped her get back on her feet before a major twist of fate. According to the model, part of the reason she paid for the billboard was to “break the stigma of subscription platforms”

While the OnlyF star (pictured) admitted the indecent posters could have been a controversial move, she insisted her ads were not as sexy as those of other brands such as lingerie and liquor companies After graduating in 2016, Eliza Rose started modeling for the quick bucks and fun of partying. She soon dabbled in cocaine before her addiction spiraled out of control (pictured).

Holding back her tears, she said, “If there were no people around me, I would have died long ago.” At the height of her addiction, Emma said she was snorting four grams of cocaine a day and drinking a bottle of cheap vodka. She said she started drinking at the age of 14 and started taking the powerful drug two years later.

After living in Spain for a while, she tried to get back on track by going to university and earning a 2:1 degree in psychology. But after graduation, her life fell apart. “Since my first exposure to drugs and alcohol, I have been using them rather than enjoying them. As my life progressed, it became more and more my refuge,” she said. “Everyone in college went out and got drunk, but no one stashed vodka in a water bottle the next morning. “I almost finished school until graduation.

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