Chris Dailey is dead or still alive? UConn women’s basketball associate head coach

UConn women’s basketball assistant head coach Chris Daly sat out Sunday’s game against NC State.

Daly appeared to pass out immediately after the national anthem. Dorka Juhasz and assistant coach Morgan Valley stood next to Dailey, lifted her up, then slowly lowered her to the ground.

Paramedics rushed to Daly when the UConn player rushed off the court. When they ran to the locker room, most of the players were in tears. The North Carolina players also left the field immediately.

Medical staff were able to help Daley sit up and eventually put her on a stretcher. She was escorted from her seat as the crowd applauded and waved to her.

Match officials gave both teams an extra 10 minutes to warm up.

Daly, 63, has been Geno Auriemma’s chief assistant since the two coaches joined UConn in 1985. A New Jersey native, she is a member of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame and the first assistant coach inducted.

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