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Christopher Dougherty: Nurturing Change in Canada’s Charitable Landscape

Academic Prowess:

Christopher’s academic journey is a testament to his commitment to the charitable sector. Prior to embarking on his Ph.D., he earned a Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership (MPNL) at Carleton University. His academic foundation also includes a Bachelor of Applied Nonprofit Studies from Mount Royal University, showcasing a well-rounded education tailored to the intricacies of the nonprofit world.

Certified in Volunteer Administration:

Christopher not only possesses academic credentials but is also Certified in Volunteer Administration, demonstrating a practical understanding of the importance of volunteerism in the charitable sector.

Hands-On Experience:

Christopher’s professional journey includes impactful roles with renowned organizations. He contributed to the crucial missions of STARS Air Ambulance and Scouts Canada, bringing real-world experience to his academic pursuits.

Volunteerism as a Pillar:

A firm believer in giving back, Christopher actively volunteers with various organizations. As a peer reviewer for the Imagine Canada Standards Program, he contributes to maintaining high standards within the charitable sector. His role as a National Advisory Committee member and regional reviewer for Canada’s Volunteer Awards showcases his dedication to recognizing and celebrating outstanding volunteers. Additionally, Christopher plays a vital role on the ANSER-ARES annual conference committee, contributing to the academic discourse in the field.

A Beacon of Expertise:

Christopher Dougherty is not just a researcher; he is a beacon of expertise actively contributing to the betterment of Canada’s charitable landscape. His multifaceted engagement, blending academic research, practical experience, and volunteerism, positions him as a thought leader shaping positive change.

Looking Forward:

As Christopher continues his research journey, his work promises to shed light on crucial aspects of the charitable sector. His dedication to high standards, recognition of volunteer efforts, and contributions to academic conferences exemplify his commitment to nurturing positive change.

In celebrating Christopher Dougherty, we recognize not just an academic, but a passionate advocate contributing significantly to the heart of Canada’s philanthropic endeavors. Here’s to the impact made, and the future transformations he will undoubtedly inspire. #ChristopherDougherty #PhilanthropyResearch #CharitableSector

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