Chris Harrell dead and obituary, The Resident season 6 (Dedication final)

Who is Chris Harrell? That’s the question on the minds of many fans of FOX’s hit medical drama after the Season 6 premiere of “The Resident,” and for good reason.

First, let me note that there aren’t any spoilers to worry about from the upcoming premiere. Instead, we’ll break down the dedication card that appeared at the end of the premiere, which raised many questions from viewers.

To recap, at the end of its Season 6 premiere on Sept. 20, the FOX medical drama ended the episode with a title card honoring Chris Harrell. The move, in honor of a deceased resident team member, sparked a lot of discussion among fans eager to learn more about Harrell’s role on the show.

The Resident Season 6: Chris Harrell Explains In Tribute

Tragically, Chris Harrell passed away unexpectedly earlier this year during a medical procedure, according to a GoFundMe page set up in his honor. If Harrell’s name doesn’t ring immediately, it’s probably because he was part of the team behind the scenes that helped create the franchise we know and love.

Harrell is part of Teamsters Local 728, an Atlanta-based company that provides film and television production assistance. While his exact role on The Resident is unclear, his connection to Teamsters Local 728 suggests he assisted in the show’s production.

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