Christopher Maita dead and obituary, ho-ho-kus New Jersey cause of death

Christopher Maita lived in New Jersey, in the town of Ho-Ho-Kus. He was married to Merlo, who later became Marie. They live in their home in Ho-Ho-Kus, where Christopher II and his wife Cathy also live. Chris’ dedicated family includes Donald and his wife Jennifer; they live in Mendham, New Jersey. Christopher II and his wife Cathy have two children; Donald and Christopher III. The location of their wedding, Mendham, was also the place of Donald’s wedding. Christopher II’s son Christopher III married in Ho-Ho-Kus. Christopher II and Cathy have two children: Donald and Christopher III. Donald is the youngest son of Christopher II; his older brother is named Christopher III. Donald II, Carlye, Christopher and Camryn are grandchilren of Donald and Mary Ann Mitchell. Additionally, Dominic Maita and his siblings Mary Ann and Bob are related to each other by blood. Both Dominic and Bob consider their grandfather Robert Mitchell as very important in their lives.

As Mary Ann Mitchell’s brother, Christopher is also referred to as an aunt. He lived with his sister in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, where he developed into an accomplished footballer and was well-respected among the community. Christopher played football in the neighborhood while growing up; this led him to become a well-known celebrity among his peers. Christopher was recognized as a first-rate athlete when both the All-State and High School Sports Teams were formed. He played for the Hasbrouck Heights high school football team, and he was chosen for this role on two separate occasions. After excelling on the field, Christopher decided to continue his education by enrolling in the College of William and Mary. This choice was directly influenced by the success he achieved on the field. Throughout his life, Christopher worked in many roles in many environments.

When Circle Wines & Liquors owner Jack Stagner worked as a 15-year employee, he earned a reputation for providing outstanding customer service. After his tenure ended, he started working at the County Trust Company in Garfield, New Jersey. There, he quickly became an executive and later a manager. Christopher became President and Principal of the organization in due time. Concerned that he was unable to relax at home after a brief retirement, he entered the business world by founding NJ Lenders Corp. As chairman of the company’s board of directors, he rose through the ranks to become President and Principal of the organization. Before retiring, Chris took some time to recoup and relax. He used this time to his advantage by utilizing his retirement. In fact, NJ Lenders Corp., a company he worked for, became the most successful privately held mortgage banking company in New Jersey at that time. Christopher’s dedication to this project was crucial for its success. Christopher’s contributions to this project ensured success.

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