Clinton McCormack shooter, Man shot multiple times in Wicklow

The victim of a shooting at a construction site had previously been the target of an attempted murder and gardai believe the latest incident may be linked to the same long-running personal dispute.

A major investigation has been launched after Clinton McCormack, 44, was shot as he tried to escape a gunman after 4.30pm. as darkness fell on Thursday. Sources stated that he was shot four times, one in each leg, in the shoulder and in the arm.

Clinton McCormack shooter, Man shot multiple times in Wicklow

It happened on Bellevue Hill, in Delgany, Co Wicklow, and the site is understood to be used by builders who are working on a new housing estate.

Gardai believe McCormack’s associate, aged in his 20s, was also injured when he was hit by the hitman with his gun during the incident, but he did not suffer any gunshot wounds and was not the target of the attack.

Both men were in hospital and stable yesterday. Although gardai are in the early stages of their investigations, it is understood they received early reports that two men with a northern accent fled the scene.

It is the second time McCormack was subjected to a coup attempt. Convicted rapist Eoghan O’Connell was hired to kill him in April 2016, but when O’Connell tried to pull the trigger, the gun jammed.

Two spent cartridges were found on the ground and it was later established that the ammunition was wet and did not fire.

O’Connell admitted trying to kill McCormack and was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Gardai believe a known criminal ordered that hit and detectives are now working to determine whether this was the case with Thursday’s shooting.

The dispute concerns a personal feud that has been ongoing for years. McCormack’s close associate has also been attacked twice in shooting incidents in the same fight.

More recently, the associate was shot while entering his home in Bray in January this year, but was unharmed.

A source said: “Given the previous incidents and attempts in the dispute, it is clear that one line of inquiry is that the latest shooting is linked to all of this.”

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